Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Ainkurunooru – 173

He who’s afflicted by the braided hairdo
that smells of Thondi’s scented flowers,
can’t sleep peacefully even at night,
as if suffering from snake bite.

இரவினானும் இன் துயில் அறியாது
அரவு உறு துயரம் எய்துப தொண்டித்
தண் நறு நெய்தல் நாறும்
பின் இருங் கூந்தல் அணங்குற்றோரே.

His friend bemoans him as he goes to see her at night. “Her black braided hair is like a snake that has bit him. Because of that he is unable to sleep even at night and has gone to meet her now”. Thondi was the prosperous coastal town of Chera Kingdom.

துயில் – sleep; அரவு – snake; தண் – cool; நறு – fragrant; நெய்தல் – (Lily) Flowers; இருங் கூந்தல் – beautiful braid; அணங்கு – misery / suffering

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