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Kulasekara Alwar – 674

To me, everyone else is mad;
To everyone else, I’m mad;
There’s no point in discussing this;
Hailing you as cow-herd, Lord of Thiruvarangam,
I’m completely mad for you my Lord!

பேயரே எனக்கு யாவரும் யானும் ஓர்
பேயனே எவர்க்கும் இது பேசி என்
ஆயனே அரங்கா என்று அழைக்கின்றேன்
பேயனாய் ஒழிந்தேன் எம்பிரானுக்கே

I look at those who are immersed in worldly affairs and think they are mad as they do not look for salvation in You. They look at me who is in a trance and think that I’m mad. What is the point in discussing all this now. I hail you as cow herd (Krishna) and the Lord of Thiruvarangam. Those people are right in one thing though. I’m truly mad for you and surrender to you, my Lord!

பேயர் – mad man
ஆயன்- cow herd (Krishna)
எம்பிரான்- our Lord

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