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Thirukkural – 828

Thirukkural – 828.

In folded hands of foes, lie concealed arms too;
Likewise, in their tears too.

தொழுத கையுள்ளும் படை ஒடுங்கும்; ஒன்னார்
அழுத கண்ணீரும், அனைத்து.

When an enemy comes with folded hands , be careful. He might conceal weapons in his hands. Similarly be careful of their tears too. Behind it will lie danger.

தொழுத – folded hands
படை – weapons / arms
ஒடுங்கும் – hidden
ஒன்னார் – enemy
அனைத்து – similarly

Thirukkural – 752.


Have-nots are ridiculed by one and all;
Wealthy are heaped with praise by all.

இல்லாரை எல்லாரும் எள்ளுவர்; செல்வரை
எல்லாரும் செய்வர், சிறப்பு.

One’s wealth decides how he is looked upon by the world. Those who are wealthy are praised by everyone while those who are not well off are ridiculed by everyone.

எள்ளுதல் – ridicule
சிறப்பு – respect / praise

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