Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Silappathikaaram – Nadukal Kaathai 165-168

Like actors on stage, a soul too,
doesn’t play the same role again;
“A soul’s rebirth follows one’s actions”
are the words of wise men

ஆடும் கூத்தர்போல்,ஆர்உயிர் ஒருவழி,
கூடிய கோலத்து,ஒருங்கு நின்று,இயலாது;
“செய் வினை வழித்தாய் உயிர் செலும்”என்பது
பொய்இல் காட்சியோர் பொருளுரை

This is from Silappathikaram,the pre eminent epic of Tamil literature. This poem is part of advice given by the minister to angry Chera King Senguttuvan. Line no. 165-168 in Nadukal Kaathai, chapter in Silappathikaaram, Vanji Kaandam.

A soul is not the same in different births. Depending on good or bad done in previous birth, its fate changes in next birth. This is similar to actors playing various roles on stage. Though the actor is same, the roles he play differs.

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