Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Nanmani k Kadigai – 77

There’s no new born who doesn’t die;
There’s no power that doesn’t weaken;
There’s no youth who doesn’t age;
There’s none who hasn’t seen his wealth erode.

சாவாத இல்லை, பிறந்த உயிர் எல்லாம்;
தாவாத இல்லை, வலிகளும்; மூவா
இளமை இயைந்தாரும் இல்லை; வளமையில்
கேடு இன்றிச் சென்றாரும் இல்.

Nanmani k Kadigai is authored by poet Vilambi Naganar. It is thought that Vilambi is his village and Nagan was his name. There are 101 poems in Nanmani k Kadigai (Literally means 4 slivers of gems).

This poem is about the impermanence of things. “There is no power that doesn’t weaken” is akin to there is no perpetual motion machine :-).

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