Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Ainkurunooru – 41

Heartless crocodile eats its own kid
In his town’s Water Lilly pond, it’s said;
Like that, he makes paleness spread
in the body of those who trusted his word.

தன் பார்ப்புத் தின்னும் அன்பு இல் முதலையொடு
வெண் பூம் பொய்கைத்து, அவன் ஊர்’ என்ப; அதனால்
தன் சொல் உணர்ந்தோர் மேனி
பொன் போல் செய்யும் ஊர்கிழவோனே.

Poem 41 from Ainkurunooru. She’s sulking because he has gone to the courtesan’s house and hasn’t returned home for long. She says to his friends “like the cruel crocodile that eats its own offspring, he is heartless. I trusted his word but he makes me suffer. He gave birth to our relationship, now he is killing it himself.” Due to love sickness, golden paleness spreads across her body.

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