Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Puranaanooru – 194

Funeral drums sound in a house, pleasant
ceremonial drums are played in another,
those in carnal pleasure wear flowers,
those away from their lovers shed tears,
such inequality he created, the unjust one!
This world is full of pain;
those who realize its nature, see its charm.

ஓர் இல் நெய்தல் கறங்க, ஓர் இல்
ஈர்ந் தண் முழவின் பாணி ததும்ப,
புணர்ந்தோர் பூ அணி அணிய, பிரிந்தோர்
பைதல் உண்கண் பனி வார்பு உறைப்ப,
படைத்தோன் மன்ற, அப் பண்பிலாளன்!
இன்னாது அம்ம, இவ் உலகம்;
இனிய காண்க, இதன் இயல்பு உணர்ந்தோரே.

Puranaanooru 194. While some people suffer, some people are happy. One can call this an unfair creation of the creator. However, if we accept that there will be pain in this world, and that is its nature, then we can see the beauty in the world too. The last line can also be interpreted as “those who realize its nature, do good deeds to see good in afterlife”. Both are given as meanings by U Ve Sa. I prefer to go with the “those who realize, see its charm”

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