Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Ainkurunooru – 293

With fingers like a fine bunch of fragrant
flame lilies in hills, you close my eyes!
Supple shouldered woman, with pomp of a peacock,
my sweet companion in bed!
Is there any one else in my heart other than you?

சிலம்பு கமழ் காந்தள் நறுங் குலை அன்ன
நலம் பெறு கையின் என் கண் புதைத்தோயே!
பாயல் இன் துணை ஆகிய பணைத் தோள்
தோகை மாட்சிய மடந்தை!
நீ அலது உளரோ என் நெஞ்சு அமர்ந்தோரே?

A delightful love poem by Kapilar, from Ainkurunooru (500 short poems). He is waiting for her. She comes behind him and closes his eyes, to see if he guesses correctly or says some one else’s name. He lavishes praise on her – flame lily like fingers, bamboo like supple shoulders, with pomp of a peacock – and says “Will I utter any other name? You are the only one in my heart”.

For sake of readability I have used ‘supple shoulder’ instead of ‘bamboo shoulder’ as in original.

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