Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Puranaanooru – 226

If it had come with covert hatred or overt fury,
or dared to touch him, it wouldn’t have survived;
it must have come as a supplicant bard
and pleaded, the Death that took away
golden garlanded Valavan, the mighty chariot rider
whose army won fierce battles.

செற்றன்று ஆயினும், செயிர்த்தன்று ஆயினும்,
உற்றன்று ஆயினும், உய்வு இன்று மாதோ;
பாடுநர் போலக் கைதொழுது ஏத்தி,
இரந்தன்றாகல் வேண்டும் பொலந் தார்
மண்டு அமர் கடக்கும் தானைத்
திண் தேர் வளவற் கொண்ட கூற்றே.

Poem by Maarokkatthu Nappasalaiyar. She learns of the death of Chola King Kulamuttrathu Thunjiya Killi Valavan (literally Killi Valavan who passed away at Kulamuttram). She is overcome with sorrow. She says how did death conquer the mighty strong king? If death had come directly to fight it would have lost to him. Death must have come as a supplicant and pleaded for his life and the King must have magnanimously given it away.

Golden garland refers to garland made of Yellow Orchid tree flower (ஆத்திப் பூ), the Clan flower of Chola Kings.

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