Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Kambaramayanam – 284

One who swallowed the whole world during deluge,
who is beyond the meaning of scriptures, dark
pigmented like a forming cloud, a lustrous flame,
did fortunate Kosala birth, for the world to prosper.

ஒரு பகல் உலகு எலாம் உதரத்து உள் பொதிந்து
அரு மறைக்கு உணர்வு அரும் அவனை, அஞ்சனக்
கரு முகில் கொழுந்து எழில் காட்டும் சோதியைத்,
திரு உறப், பயந்தனள் திறம் கொள் கோசலை.

This poem is about Kosala giving birth to Rama. In Vaishnavite mythology, during the deluge Baby Krishna swallowed the whole world and protected it in his stomach. Kosala gave birth to that God for the world to prosper. Hence she is fortunate.

Kamban’s word play is in those words திரு உற. It means ‘attain prosperity’. திரு (thiru) also means Lakshmi, goddess of wealth. Sita is the incarnate of Lakshmi whom Rama is going to marry in this avatar. So திரு உற also means Rama is born in this world to ‘attain Sita’.

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One thought on “Kambaramayanam – 284

  1. Could the “maraikku unarvu arum” mean “the one who imparts meaning to scriptures”?


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