Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Thirukkural – 1111

Tender are you, Anicham* flower! May you prosper!
Softer than you, is the girl I yield to.

நன்னீரை வாழி யனிச்சமே நின்னினும்
மென்னீரள் யாம்வீழ் பவள்.

அனிச்சம் (Anicham) is a flower often mentioned in Sangam poetry. Possibly a type of Pimpernel, though there is no consensus among scholars. This flower was so tender and delicate that it droops when it is smelled. The girl whom he has fallen for is softer than that flower.

நன்னீரை – நல்ல நீர்மை உடையது  – Fine / Tender quality
அனிச்சம் – scarlet pimpernel (?)
மென்னீரள் – மென்மையான நீர்மை உடையவள் – Soft natured girl
வீழ்பவள் – (one whom I) fall to


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