Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Puranaanooru – 107

“Pari’s this, Pari’s that” hyping his worth,
eloquent poets praise him much.
Pari is not the only one such,
monsoon too is here to nurture this earth.

பாரி பாரி யென்றுபல வேத்தி
ஒருவற் புகழ்வர் செந்நாப் புலவர்
பாரி யொருவனு மல்லன்
மாரியு முண்டீண் டுலகுபுரப் பதுவே.

Seeing the poets praise Pari for his benevolence, Kapilar says he is not the only benefactor. Monsoon too gives its bounty to nurture this earth.

This poem is an example of praising one by seeming to put him down (பழித்ததுபோலப் புகழ்ந்தவாறு). What’s implied is that no mortal can be compared to Pari for his generosity. Like how the rain doesn’t differentiate between recipients but nurtures all, so does Pari. Check the previous poem Puranaanooru – 106 for how Pari doesn’t differentiate between supplicants.

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