Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Naaladiyaar – 118

Though cows are of different colours,
their milk is not so –
virtue is of constant nature, like milk,
though paths to it differ, like cows.

ஆ வேறு உருவின ஆயினும், ஆ பயந்த
பால் வேறு உருவின அல்லவாம்; பால்போல்
ஒருதன்மைத்து ஆகும் அறம்; நெறி, ஆபோல்,
உருவு பலகொளல்,ஈங்கு.

This poem from Naaladiyaar says “Virtue is unchanging. You may follow different paths to reach it, but what is right always remains right” The last line நெறி உருவு பலகொளல்- literally “paths (to virtue) take different shapes ” . I’ve used “paths to it differ”

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