Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Kurunthokai – 20

அருளும் அன்பும் நீக்கி, துணை துறந்து,
பொருள்வயிற் பிரிவோர் உரவோர் ஆயின்,
உரவோர் உரவோர் ஆக!
மடவம் ஆக, மடந்தை, நாமே!

If those who leave their spouse,
forsaking love and affection
in search of wealth, are wise,
let him be wise!
We’ll be idiots, my friend!

Her husband has left her in search of wealth. She cribs to her friend “how can he leave me and go? May be he is strong enough to withstand the pain of love. If this is the wise thing to do, let him be wise. I, a simple minded girl cannot bear to be away from him. If this sounds idiotic, let me be an idiot”

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