Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Naaladiyaar -15

She who was my mother, died and left me here
to go to her own mother; one who was her mother,
too did the same; mother going to mother,
that’s all there to this world.

எனக்குத் தாய் ஆகியாள் என்னை ஈங்கு இட்டு,
தனக்குத் தாய் நாடியே சென்றாள்; தனக்குத் தாய்
ஆகியவளும் அதுஆனால், தாய்த் தாய்க்கொண்டு,
ஏகும் அளித்து, இவ் உலகு.

This Naaladiyaar poem explains the impermanence of youth and life. The young mother who gave birth to me is now dead and has gone where her own mother went. Previously her mother too did the same. Mothers dying and going away to where their mothers went, that’s all there to this world. No one’s youth or life is permanent.

ஈங்கு – here
நாடி – (went) in search
ஏகும் – leave / go
அளி – poor (nature) / that’s all there is


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2 thoughts on “Naaladiyaar -15

  1. All of these are beautiful! Please add the twitter tabs to the individual posts so I can share them!


  2. Thanks. The sharing tabs are there in individual posts already. Can you please check?


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