Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Kambaramayanam – 4233

Both birth and death, if objectively analyzed,
aren’t they always the results of one’s action?
What else to add? Even the lotus born one
will face his end if he deviates from justice, ’tis said.

‘இறத்தலும் பிறத்தல் தானும்
என்பன இரண்டும், யாண்டும்,
திறத்துளி நோக்கின், செய்த
வினைதரத் தரெிந்த அன்றே?
புறத்து இனி உரைப்பது என்னே?
“பூவின்மேல் புனிதற் கேனும்,
அறத்தினிது இறுதி வாழ் நாட்கு
இறுதி; அஃது உறுதி‘‘ என்ப.

This is Rama’s advice to Sugreeva on his coronation. Rama killed Sugreeva’s brother Vali and helped Sugreeva become king. On his coronation Rama advices him to follow the path of justice. One’s birth and death are direct results of one’s action (Karma) in this world. Even Brahma, the creator of humankind (who was born in a lotus) will face his end if he deviates from the righteous path. When Brahma the creator himself is bound by Karma, the human beings have no choice but to abide by the rules.

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