Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Siddhar – SivaVakkiyar – 13

What am I? What are you? What’s that between(us two)?
O’ materialists who answer what’s a ruler and what’s a guru –
(do you know)What’s created? What’s destroyed? What’s the place
that is beyond the beyond? It’s the name of Rama Rama Rama.

நானதேது நீயதேது நடுவில் நின்றது ஏதடா
கோனதேது குருவதேது கூறிடுங் குலாமரே
ஆனதேது அழிவதேது அப்புறத்தில் அப்புறம்
ஈனதேது ராமராம ராமஎன்ற நாமமே.

What is this thing called you and that is called me? What is that thing between us two. You materialists can answer who is a Guru or who is a King. But can you answer What is created, what is destroyed or what is this place that is beyond the beyond? You can’t. The answer is the name of Rama, who is everything in this world.

I am always worried about interpreting theological verses (especially Siddhar songs) as I do not know much of the philosophy behind these. So regular disclaimer applies. My interpretation might be wrong.

கோன் – King / Chief
குலாமர் – materialists / those who desire wealth
ஈன் – this place


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