Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Thirukkural – 1161

I conceal this malady; but it gushes forth,
like spring water to those who draw it up.

மறைப்பேன்மன் யான், இஃதோ, நோயை-இறைப்பவர்க்கு
ஊற்றுநீர் போல மிகும். 

Her friend tells her that revealing her love sickness is not good for her reputation. She  replies, “I do conceal this ailment of passion. But it gushes up like spring water gushing up to those who draw. Spring water never dries up, how much ever one draws. Similarly I can’t hide my love sickness how much ever I try”

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2 thoughts on “Thirukkural – 1161

  1. //இறைப்பவர்க்கு ஊற்றுநீர் போல//

    After reading all this, one is always dogged by the selfsame question: “what is the procedure to appreciate modern literature?”


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