Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Thirukkural – 276

Those who haven’t renounced genuinely, but deceive as if they have –
there’s none more evil than them.

நெஞ்சின் துறவார், துறந்தார்போல் வஞ்சித்து,
வாழ்வாரின் வன்கணார் இல்.

There are some God men who haven’t really renounced material life from their heart. They only deceive people and act as if they have renounced everything. There is nobody more evil that such people, for they betray the trust of general public who revere them.

நெஞ்சின் – heartfelt / genuine
துறவார் – haven’t renounced / aren’t ascetic
துறந்தார் – has renounced
வஞ்சித்து – deceive
வன்கண் – evil

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One thought on “Thirukkural – 276

  1. Pic recommendation for this post: மாமல்லை அர்ஜுனன் தபஸில் இருக்கும் பொய்த்தவ பூனை


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