Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Thirikadugam 65

Fear that swells like sea,
desire that’s never sated,
anger due to ignorance – these three
are like animals roasted in their own lard.

அச்சம் அலைகடலின் தோன்றலும் ஆர்வுற்ற
விட்டகல் கில்லாத வேட்கையும் – கட்டிய
மெயந்நிலை காணா வெகுளியும் இம்மூன்றும்
தந்நெய்யில் தாம்பொரியு மாறு

This is poem no. 65 from Thirikadugam (திரிகடுகம்) written by poet Nalladhanar (நல்லாதனார்) about 1800 years ago. Fear, desire and anger feed on themselves and completely consume one who feels them.The poet equates them to animals that are roasted in their own lard.

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