Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Kambaramayanam – 1082

Like seeds of love sown in
a tough furrow
lifting their heads up
after a downpour,
hair follicles on his skin
stood up
as she pouted and kicked him
with soft feet.

விதைத்த மென் காதலின்
வித்து வெஞ் சிறை
இதைப் புனல் நனைத்திட
முளைத்தவே எனப்
பதைத்தனள் ஒருத்தன்மேல்
ஒருத்தி பஞ்சு அடி
உதைத்தலும் பொடித்தன
உரோம ராசியே.

This is from Kambaramayanam. It details the revelry of men and women who accompany Dasaratha to Mithila for Rama’s wedding. These poems celebrate wine and women. He comes to her bed. She pouts in mock anger and kicks him. The feel of her soft foot gives him goosebumps. It was like the seeds on a hard ground sprouting up immediately after rains. Here you can elaborate goosebumps to seeds sprouting, hard landscape as his body and the pleasure of her kick (the first touch) as pouring rain. Rest is up to you to imagine.

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