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Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Siddhar – Sivavakkiyar – 40

When you say a Paraichi or a Panathi – what does it mean?
Is it marked in their flesh, skin and bone?
Conjugal pleasure of a Paraichi or a Panathi, does it differ?
Paraichi and a Panathi differ in your mind alone.

* Paraichi  – Pariah woman, Panathi – Brahmin woman (Paarpanathi)

பறைச்சியாவது ஏதடா பணத்தியாவது ஏதடா
இறைச்சிதோல் எலும்பினும் இலக்கம்இட் டிருக்குதோ
பறைச்சி போகம் வேறதோ பணத்திபோகம் வேறதோ
பறைச்சியும் பணத்தியும் பகுத்துபாரும் உம்முளே.

Sivavakkiyar is ruthless when tackling the issue of caste. Being an iconoclast, he is particularly scathing on the priests and those who talk about upper and lower caste. In this poem he asks is there any marking in bones and flesh of a woman to show whether she is a Paraiah or a Brahmin? Isn’t the pleasure you derive from them same? So look inside you, the difference between a Pariah and a Brahmin is in your mind.

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