Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Thiruvempavai – 5

Annamalai, whom Vishnu couldn’t fathom and Brahma couldn’t glimpse,
We can get to know, you lied through your teeth,
you milk and honey tongued trickster! Open your door;
Humans, celestials, others – beyond their grasp is he;
Even when we praise his beautiful form
and grace that enthralls us and soothes us,
and intone loudly ‘Siva, Siva’, You still don’t wake up;
Is this your nature, O’ our fragrant tressed friend?

மாலறியா நான்முகனும் காணா மலையினைநாம்
போலறிவோம் என்றுள்ள பொக்கங்க ளேபேசும்
பாலூறு தேன்வாய்ப் படிறீ கடைதிறவாய்
ஞாலமே விண்ணே பிறவே அறிவரியான்
கோலமும் நம்மைஆட் கொண்டருளிக் கோதாட்டும்
சீலமும் பாடிச் சிவனே சிவனேயென்று
ஓலம் இடினும் உணராய் உணராய்காண்
ஏலக் குழலி பரிசேலோர் எம்பாவாய்.

She is still sleeping when her friends come to wake her up to go to the temple. They mock her words the previous day when she had said they can go and get to know Annamalai (which is the name of the hill as well as Lord Siva residing in the temple in foothills), whom even Vishnu could not grasp fully and Brahma couldn’t glimpse completely. But now she is still sleeping, all her sweet words uttered prove to be false. Siva is beyond understanding and perception of either humans or celestial or any others.The girls say we are praising such an omnipotent lord and intoning loudly at the top of our voice Siva, Siva. Yet you don’t wake up, is this your true nature?

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