Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Thiruvempavai – 6

O’ doe like girl! Yesterday you told us
“Tomorrow I’ll wake you up myself”
Where has your promise vanished now shamelessly?
Hasn’t it dawned yet?
Celestials, human beings, others – beyond their grasp is he;
He himself takes us into his fold and shows us mercy;
We are here singing the glory of his ankleted feet,
yet you don’t open your doors for us;
Nor do you melt hearing his name;
Only you can be like this;
But for us and others he’s our Supreme Lord
Come and sing his praise, my friend!

மானேநீ நென்னலை நாளைவந் துங்களை
நானே யெழுப்புவன் என்றலும் நாணாமே
போன திசைபகராய் இன்னம் புலர்ந்தின்றோ
வானே நிலனே பிறவே அறிவரியான்
தானேவந் தெம்மைத் தலையளித்தாட் கொண்டருளும்
வான்வார் கழல்பாடி வந்தோர்க்குன் வாய்திறவாய்
ஊனே உருகாய் உனக்கே உறும்எமக்கும்
ஏனோர்க்குந் தங்கோனைப் பாடேலோர் எம்பாவாய்

She has still not waken up. The girls chide her saying “yesterday you promised us you will wake us all. But you are still asleep. Hasn’t it dawned yet for you? We are here singing the praise of him who is beyond the grasp of even celestials. All our words haven’t moved you. You don’t melt hearing his name. This kind of attitude is possible only for you. But for us and others, he is the Supreme Lord. Come, join us and sing his praise”

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