Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Thiruvempavai – 7

Oh’ Mamma! Is this sleep too a trait of yours?
Our peerless Lord, whom even celestials can’t fathom –
When you heard his temple music,
your mouth intoned Siva Siva;
As he was serenaded as the Southern Lord,
you melted like wax embracing fire;
But now, when we are at your doorstep,
praising him as our lord, our elixir, you’re still asleep;
You lay unmoving like a stubborn idiot;
how powerful is the hold of sleep, my friend!

அன்னே இவையுஞ் சிலவோ பலஅமரர்
உன்னற் கரியான் ஒருவன் இருஞ்சீரான்
சின்னங்கள் கேட்பச் சிவனென்றே வாய்திறப்பாய்
தென்னாஎன் னாமுன்னம் தீசேர் மெழுகொப்பாய்
என்னானை என்னரையன் இன்னமுதென் றெல்லோமுஞ்
சொன்னோங்கேள் வெவ்வேறாய் இன்னந் துயிலுதியோ
வன்னெஞ்சப் பேதையர்போல் வாளா கிடத்தியால்
என்னே துயிலின் பரிசேலோர் எம்பாவாய்.

The girls still have not succeeded in waking up their friend. They exclaim “Oh, Mamma. We didn’t know that such a sleep too was a trait of yours. Our Lord Siva is beyond the understanding of even Celestial beings. He stands alone, peerless.

When you heard the music from his temple, your mouth reflexively chanted Siva, Siva. As soon as the servitors started serenading him as the Lord of Southern Country, you melted like wax embracing a fire. But today, when we are at your doorstep singing his praise as Our Lord, Our Elixir, you are still asleep. Like a stubborn idiot you lay unmoving. How powerful is the hold of sleep so powerful, my friend!”

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