Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Thiruvempavai – 9

Oh, Ancient being older than the most ancient being;
One who can be more modern than future modernity;
We ,your honored slaves, who have you as our Lord,
Will bow at the feet of your adherents, be their aides;
We will choose only them as our husbands;
We will take their orders to heart and serve them;
If this wish of ours you grant us, my Lord,
There’s nothing else we lack for!

முன்னைப் பழம்பொருட்கும் முன்னைப் பழம்பொருளே
பின்னைப் புதுமைக்கும் பேர்த்துமப் பெற்றியனே
உன்னைப் பிரானாகப் பெற்றஉன் சீரடியோம்
உன்னடியார் தாள்பணிவோம் ஆங்கவர்க்கே பாங்காவோம்
அன்னவரே எம்கணவ ராவார் அவர்உகந்து
சொன்ன பரிசே தொழும்பாய்ப் பணிசெய்வோம்
இன்ன வகையே எமக்கெங்கோன் நல்குதியேல்
என்ன குறையும் இலோமேலோர் எம்பாவாய்.

In the first eight poems, the girls were waking up their friends to go to Thiruvannamalai temple early morning and sing the praise of Lord Siva. In this verse they have reached the temple and pray to him, asking him to gran their wish.

“Oh Lord, you were there when this world formed. You are ancient than the most ancient being.  At the same time, you are one who has the ability to transform yourself into being more modern that even future modernity. You are eternal. We are blessed to have you as our Lord. We are your ardent devotees. We will prostrate ourselves at the feet of your servitors. Be their companions as they serve you. We will choose only those who follow you as our husbands. Whatever they wish for, we will take it to our heart and serve them.

To serve those who serve you, that’s all we ask for. If you grant  us this wish my Lord, there is nothing else in this world we lack”

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