Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Kalingathu p Parani – 54

Sweet words stutter, sharp eyes redden, lips pale;
Oh’ women! Nectar of your lips
Has turned to wine, m
aking you lose your senses;
Open your doors!

மதுர மானமொழி பதற வான்விழிசி
வப்ப வாயிதழ்வெ ளுப்பவே
அதர பானமது பான மாகஅறி
வழியு மாதர்கடை திறமினோ.

The poet is in town to praise the valor of victorious Chola army in the battle of Kalinga. (1110 CE) He asks the women to open their doors and listen to their men’s valor. In this poem he says “Because of your love making, you have started stammering your sweet words. Your sharp eyes have turned red and your lips have paled in the act of love making. The nectar of your mouth has become wine and has made you lose your senses. That’s why you are still asleep. Please open your doors and listen the valorous deeds of your army”

Kalingathu p Parani is a short literary work (சிற்றிலக்கியம்) written by Poet Jayamkondar in 12th century. It is written in praise of Kulothunga Cholan’s general Karunakara Thondaiman who invaded and conquered Kalinga country (present day Orissa). Poems 21-74 are the bard calling the women of Kanchi (present day Kancheepuram, the town of Karunakara Thondaiman) to open their doors and hear the valor of their hero. These 54 poems are erotically charged. The next chapters of the work are gory descriptions of battle field and the ghosts getting together for a feast of dead bodies.

Parani is a form of poetic work that is sung in praise of a warrior. It is generally named after the battle. Since this about the battle of Kalinga, it is called Kalingathup Parani.

மதுரம் – sweet
பதற – stumble / stutter
வான்விழி – வாள் + விழி –  sword eyes (sharp eyes)
சிவப்ப – redder
வெளுப்ப – whiten / pale
அதர பானம் – அதரம் + பானம் – lip’s liquid (nectar)
மது பானம்  – liquor / winw
அறிவழியும் – அறிவு +அழியும் – lose sense
கடை – Door
திறமின் – Open

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