Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Kambaramayanam – 1254

Town’s bustle doesn’t seem to abate;
Daybreak too is a long way away;
I can’t stop thinking of him,
there’s no dawn to this night;
My heartache doesn’t ease up
Nor does my life depart;
Eyes too don’t go to sleep,
Is this to be my fate?

பண்ணோ ஒழியா; பகலோ புகுதாது;
எண்ணோ தவிரா; இரவோ விடியாது;
உள் நோ ஒழியா; உயிரோ அகலா;
கண்ணோ துயிலா; இதுவோ கடனே

This verse is by Sita the night before her wedding to Rama. She is desperate for the daybreak to arrive and the wedding to happen. She laments in love sickness “This town doesn’t understand my love sick heart. Every one seems to be up and about joyously. The bustle of the town doesn’t seem to die down. I’m desperate for day break to arrive, but it seems to be a long way away. In the mean while his thoughts consume me and I can’t stop thinking of him. This night seems to be never ending. My heart aches for him but there is no remedy to ease it up. Unable to suffer this sweet pain, I want to die but my life doesn’t let go of me too. Nor do my eyes go to sleep. Is it my fate to suffer like this?”

பண் – noise
ஒழி – end
புகு – arrive
எண் – thoughts
தவிர் – avoid
உள் நோ(வு) – inner pain / heart ache
துயில் – sleep
கடன் – destiny / fate

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One thought on “Kambaramayanam – 1254

  1. Lovely one.
    That area has so many sizzling songs.
    What cadence!
    heartache for உண்ணோ, well chosen!
    This is one of the final songs in her ‘rant’, right?

    Kamban uses such ‘short phrases composed exclusively in small words’ a bit rarely (அளவடி with only இயற்சீர் here, I.e. 4 ‘words’ of two syllables each).
    Almost conveys the feeling of breathless thoughts exasperation!

    One other place I recall (I think u posted that song too here) is where Hanuman wreaks havoc in Asokavanam. Same 2222 pattern, there is conveys the utter mayhem he sings handed lyrics creates (a la paRani).

    Hmmm வாழ்க்கைல ஒரே ஒரு புஸ்தகம் தான் படிக்க முடியும் போலயே!


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