Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Ainkurunooru – 418

Are you the celestial nymph I saw
in forests drenched by incessant rains
that quenched a skylark’s thirst,
oh,fine bosomed girl embracing me?

வானம் பாடி வறங்களைந் தானா
தழிதுளி தலைஇய புறவிற் காண்வர
வானர மகளோ நீயே
மாண்முலை யடைய முயங்கி யோயே.

He’s rushing back home to meet her during monsoon. On the way he passes through forests that were drenched by rain and imagines that he sees her. After reaching home, when she embraces him he asks her “Are you a celestial nymph whom I saw in the forest drenched by incessant rains?”

Sky lark sings when thirsty and rain pours. Her arrival is like that to his parched love.

வானம்பாடி – Skylark
வறம் – poverty (thirst)
களை – remove (quench)
புறம் – forest
ஆனாது – non stop
அழிதுளி – excess rains
தலைஇய – pour
வான் – celestial
மாண் முலை – glorious bosom
முயங்குதல் – embrace

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