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Siddhar – Sivavakkiyar – 133

Are there two Gods, yours and mine?
Will there be two Gods, here and there?
Primordial God, who is everywhere, isn’t he one?
Those who say otherwise, will die of rotting mouth.

எங்கள்தேவர் உங்கள்தேவர் என்றிரண்டு தேவரோ
இங்குமங்கு மாய் இரண்டு தேவரே இருப்பரோ
அங்குமிங்கு மாகிநின்ற ஆதிமூர்த்தி ஒன்றலோ
வங்கவாரஞ் சொன்னபேர்கள் வாய்புழுத்து மாள்வரே.

Sivavakkiyar, in this verse, curses those who try to split people in the name of God. He doesn’t pull back his punches. He says “If God is all powerful how can there be two Gods, yours and mine. He who was at the beginning, is one. Those who say otherwise, their tongues will rot and they’d die.”

Siddhar Sivavakkiyar, dated to around 10th Century CE (?) was one of the leading rebel poets in Tamil literature. Siddhars were iconoclastic rebels whose thoughts were against the organised Vedic religion. Their main idea was one had to find God within oneself and not rely on temples and rituals.

I’m not able to find the meaning of வங்கவாரம் . From the context of the verse, I assume it is “otherwise” or “divisive tales”

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2 thoughts on “Siddhar – Sivavakkiyar – 133

  1. வாரம் என்ற சொல்லுக்கு பட்சபாதம் என்றும் பொருள் உண்டு. ‘வங்கம்’ இங்கு எதைக் குறிப்பிடுகிறது என்று தெளிய முடியவில்லை. ‘வங்க’ என்ற சொல்லுக்கு ‘வளைந்த’ , ‘நேராக இல்லாத’ என்றும் பொருள் சொல்லுகிறார்கள்.


  2. Nandhini on said:

    Meaning in tamil I want


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