Old Tamil Poetry

Translations of Tamil Poetic works that span 2000 years

Naaladiyaar – 398

My friend with shining bangles! You ask
“The forest is hard to pass through;
Will it be possible for you

to follow him and cross it tomorrow?”
One who acquires a majestic horse
immediately learns how to ride it.

“கடக்க அருங் கானத்து, காளைபின், நாளை
நடக்கவும் வல்லையோ?’’ என்றி-சுடர்த்தொடீஇ!-
பெற்றான் ஒருவன் பெருங் குதிரை அந் நிலையே
கற்றான், அஃது ஊருமாறு.

She has planned to elope tomorrow with him. Her friend asks her, “the way is hard to pass through. You aren’t used to the hardships. Will you be able to walk across the forest, following him?” She is drunk on love. She replies “You don’t worry about me. Once I fell in love with him, I was prepared for this. Like one who acquires a majestic horse immediately learning the right way to ride it”

கானம் – forest
காளை – youth (him)
சுடர்த் தொடீஇ – one who wears shining bangles
பெருங்குதிரை – பெருமை + குதிரை – majestic horse
ஊரும் – riding
ஆறு – way

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